iTriage is a free smartphone app for on-the-go healthcare information

iTriage is a free smartphone app for on-the-go healthcare information. iTriage is a free smartphone app for on-the-go healthcare information. Available on the iPhone®, Android™, BlackBerry®, and Palm®, iTriage gives you:

• Information on thousands of symptoms, diseases and medical procedures

• A nationwide directory of hospitals, urgent cares, retail clinics, pharmacies and physicians

• Turn-by-turn facility directions from GPS, IP address or zip code locations

• Nurse advice lines

• Help negotiating medical bills through an iTriage partnership with one of the most respected claims adjudication organizations

• Emergency Room Wait Times for hospitals in select parts of the country

How do I use it?

Let’s say you or your child suddenly develops ear pain. After you have downloaded the iPhone application or accessed with any Internet capable smart phone or computer, you can quickly pinpoint your symptom and search through possible causes to learn more. From there, you can determine which facility (hospital ER, urgent care, retail clinic or physician) can most appropriately treat the cause.

iTriage can then pinpoint your location and give you turn-by-turn directions to the closest type of facility anywhere within the country. As you sit in the waiting room, you can access quality reports on the facility or doctor you are to see and obtain more information about the possible treatment you will likely receive.

iTriage truly is your lifeline to healthcare information when you need it the most.

How do I get it?

iTriage is a free application and can be downloaded from the Apple® app store and in the Android Market, and is available for all smart phones, desktop computers, and any web-enabled device at

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